Company’s core trading products are feedstocks, Minerals, Metals, Cement, Marble, Onyx, Limestone to name a few.

Company is also in Agricultural commodities capitalizing opportunities based on market. Major exports are Rice, Peas, Pulses, Fruits and Dates to name a few.

We are securing our supplies on long term by joining hands with small and medium sized mining and manufacturing companies for minerals and with established big companies for technological products.

We are procuring the products from various countries such as Guinea, Europe, China, India, Oman, Turkey, Philippines, GCC, MENA, EAST ASIAN, SAARC, Pakistan, Albania and Europe.

We also have secured long term quantity allocation from various manufacturers to develop markets for their products on a very low cost and maximum impact basis. Our long term suppliers are increasing with time and business turnover per product is growing gradually.

Our customers are steel industries, aluminum producers, copper producers and building contractor from Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Europe depending upon the product requirement and specifications.

Company has an effective team of young and experienced professional staff coming from different industries to add value to our products and services. We have competent staff from more than 5 countries to cater to customers effectively. Company is having employee trainings and development programs timely to upgrade the skills and to provide one of the best customer services to our potential and existing customers round the globe.

We value our commitments made to our customers and demonstrate our best abilities to serve them better and better tailoring their demands selectively and taking each project or order very professionally. We are continuously improving our services with help from the best business consultants available in the industry.